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Glamdrew / Toronto / 02.10.16

Glamdrew / Toronto / 02.10.16

photo by caroline brassard

10 things Glamdrew Hates About You

I hate that you'll be moving when we're dead
I'll be watching like survivor season 10

I hate the day you expire
and the mold that transpires

I hate the dance of decomposition
Choreographed movements executed in divine composition

I hate the fact we've been through so much
like tattoos, booze, and feeling immune.

I never hated what was found,
I never hated my crown,
I just hate the way you make me feel,
like a goddess all day long

I hate that people think I'm leaving you,
even though we grew into something new and true

I hate the fact that I won't feel pink lipstick
or the way gold leaf will flake off my skin

I hate the fact that manicures will be scarce
and that glitter's probably too dim

I hate that you're expired milk
and time is growing thin

I hate not knowing if you're coming
or that you'll say 'it's cold down here'

but most of all
you know this to be true
is that I don't hate you
not even a little
not even at all

Hal / Toronto / 02.03.16

Hal / Toronto / 02.03.16

Amy / Toronto / 02.10.16

Amy / Toronto / 02.10.16